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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a VISA to visit Malaysia?


There are certain countries’ citizens that have been given the freedom of traveling without a Visa. However, these regulations are subject to change. Do consult your travel agent before going on the same.


What are the commonly spoken languages in Malaysia?


The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia but English is fairly common in the country. Various Chinese dialects too are commonly spoken along with several indigenous languages that are used in East Malaysia.  


Can I rent a car and drive in Malaysia?


Yes, you can. Malaysia has an excellent network of roads connecting even the remotest places of the country. You can rent a car using your international driving license or a valid license of your own country.


What is the Malaysian time zone?


The Malaysian time zone is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Meridian Time, 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time and around 16 hours ahead of US Pacific standard time.


Is Malaysia Travel-safe country?


Yes, Malaysia is fairly safe for all travelers. Even single women can travel as the Malaysians are generally friendly and quite helpful. However, do watch out for the pick pockets and bag snatchers. In case of any unforeseen difficulty, contact the nearest Malaysian Police Unit.

What are the commonly practiced religions in Malaysia?


Commonly practiced religions in Malaysia are Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, Christianity and Confucianism. In addition to all these, Shamanism is also practiced in East Malaysia.


Do I need any vaccinations for my travel to Malaysia?


Malaysia has very high standards regarding health that has been ranked highest in Asia. There is no need for any vaccinations if you are planning to visit the country provided you are coming from a ‘yellow’ infected area.


Do I need to purchase travel insurance before my travel?


Yes, you need to have travel insurance as it helps you during your trip as the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world making it an essential and important part of your journey.


What are the common dos and donts for my travel to Malaysia?


Malaysians are generally laid back and relaxed people. However, they do care about their customs and rules. Here are some common courtesies that you need to keep in mind during your stay in Malaysia:

  • Though handshakes between men and women are generally acceptable, many Muslim ladies tend to just smile and nod in greeting. Handshakes should always be initiated by the woman herself.
  • Call before you visit the home of any person.
  • Before entering any Malaysian household, do make sure to remove your shoes before entering.
  • It is polite to accept the drinks that are offered to you.
  • The right forefinger is never used to point at anything. Instead, commonly preferred usage is that of your right thumb with four fingers folded underneath it.
  • Always remove your shoes before entering a place of worship.  Also, take photographs of places of worship only after prior permission.
  • Since alcohol is not a commonly preferred drink in Malaysia, toasting is not a commonly preferred practice in the country. 
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