Said to be a multi ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society, Malaysia takes you on a journey that leaves behind only fleeting footprints and a mountain of memories. With its name derived from the Tamil words ‘Malai’ and ‘ur’ meaning ‘mountain’ and ‘city’ respectively, the place now is a bustling and bubbling melting pot of various religions and cultures. It is a southeast Asian country that follows federal constitutional monarchy. Although Kuala Lumpur is the capital city, Putrajaya is the actual seat of the federal government. Having its origins in the Malay Kingdoms of 18th century, the area was earlier subject to the British Empire. Known as the Straits Settlements, the Malay kingdoms achieved independence in 1957 after unification in 1946.  

It is a country where Malays, Chinese, Indian and many other ethnic groups together live in harmony and peace. The place is full of contrasts that range from the two extremes and add to its diversity. If on one hand there are towering skyscrapers, on the other hand there are wooden houses on stilts. Five star hotels sit just meters away from ages old ancient reefs. 

Said to be the 67th largest country in the world, Malaysia shares its land borders with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei, while sharing its maritime borders with Philippines and Vietnam. It is also linked with Singapore with a narrow causeway and a bridge. Due to the high number of animal, bird and ant species residing in its forests, the country is also estimated to have over 20 percent of total world’s animal species.

However, It is not just about its natural resources. Malaysia has one of the best economic records in Asia with its infrastructure counted among the most developed in Asia. The multicultural makeup of the population has in fact impacted the cuisine of the area too. With the influence of different cultures, many original dishes taste different in Malaysia adding a new zing to the whole gastronomical spread of the country.

So, discover this amazing country that is home to prehistoric rainforests as well as world’s tallest twin towers- Petronus Twin Towers. Experience some nostalgic, magical, and funny moments not exactly elaborated in its travel brochures.